Sunday, 16 May 2010

What to wear to the Damned

I first saw The Damned was way back in 1984 in Bristol. Next week I'm going to see them again in Bristol, which I'll do a write-up of some time over the next couple of weeks. The first time I saw them I knew exactly what to wear as I had my 'uniform' of black jeans, black Dr Martin boots, black leather jacket, some old punk t-shirt or another, and spiked hair. Not unsurprisingly most of those clothes are long gone, as is some of the hair, although I do think I still have a pair of old DM's kicking around somewhere. So, what do I wear? Actually I'm considerably less worried about what I look like today, but it does amuse me to think how important it was to me at the time, how my parents didn't understand why I wanted to look "deliberately scruffy", and why couldn't I be like that nice lad down the road.

The Damned are one of the bands whose material I still have mainly on vinyl, although I do think I have a compilation CD somewhere as well. I'll have to dig them all out over the next couple of evenings to get myself back in the mood. I'm particularly looking forward to listening to the Machine Gun Etiquette album again as that was always one of my favourites.

I have no idea what to expect at the gig ... perhaps still a smattering of anarchy, chaos and destruction ... but not too late past my bed time please.

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