Saturday, 7 May 2011

My Neil Young top 10

When I was a kid, many, many years ago now, I used to make all sorts of top 10 music lists. I always found it really hard to keep it to just 10 tracks or 10 albums, so invariably I ended up making lists for a specific genre or decade, but even that became tricky at times. I have not done this for years, but following a vinyl revival evening at a friend's house last week, we got talking about favourite artists, favourite albums, favourite tracks, etc., and that has inspired me to create a few 'top 10' lists. Given that the conversation was mainly about Neil Young, I thought it appropriate to list my first top 10 dedicated to the man himself.

1. Harvest Moon
2. Everybody Knows This is Nowhere
3. My My (Hey Hey) Out of The Blue
4. Birds
5. Out On The Weekend
6 . Rockin' in the Free World
7. Like a Hurricane
8. Comes a Time
9. The Old Laughing Lady
10. Ohio
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