Thursday, 24 November 2011

Theme Thursday - Tomorrow

Well I was completely stuck for something to fit in with this week's Theme Thursday of 'tomorrow'. Neither my vintage postcards nor my vintage magazines offered any inspiration, but then fortunately I remembered this fantastic psychedelic band called Tomorrow from the late 1960's. On researching into them a little more for this blog post I discovered that they were the first band ever to record a John Peel session. I have read John Peel's excellent biography, Margrave of the Marshes, but must confess to not remembering this fact. Perhaps it's time I gave the book a second read.

Tomorrow - Tomorrow



  1. Such an interesting take on the theme! I do not know this band!

  2. I've never heard of this band, either. I think I must have sleep-walked through the 60's - or I was just too busy rearing kids and stuff.....

  3. make that three of us...i need to look them up and give a listen...

  4. I guess I'm #4, and here I was, thinking I knew everything...

    Brian Miller has been to three blogs already leaving the same comments I'd planned to leave! Grr-rrr-rrrr-rr-rrr-rr!

  5. never heard of them

    Silver Fox - Brian has that effect, i just say "i agree with brian" and i'm done with it :)

  6. 'Tomorrow' is an awfully apt name for a prog-rock band.

  7. You guys are so funny. At least you know you wrote comments. I swear I have written comments on these blogs and then I go back to check and nothing is there. Oh heck maybe it is and just needs to be approved, if so then I guess I will have more than one comment. I must be sicker than I thought I was and just hallucinating about my comments that I think I wrote.

    Okay, I thought I wrote a comment before Brian did and said the same things about not hearing this band but that they had a song that I knew from the Beatles but not sure who sung it first.

    Maybe my computer is messing with me again or this pounding is louder than I thought.

    Anyway so glad you found something to post with this weeks Theme Thursday. I am trying to make them challenging for everyone, me included (maybe not while I am sick and suffering from CRS) but also want to make them fun for everyone so we post many different things.

    I hope I am doing this and promise the next few should be easier, well hopefully.

    God bless.