Saturday, 27 February 2010

John Foxx and Ultravox!

I have now played all 3 of the John Foxx era Ultravox albums, Ultravox!, Ha Ha Ha, and Systems of Romance, and am kicking myself for having lived without them for so long. They are all masterpieces. My favourite track on first listen would have to be Young Savage.

I've also been listening to some John Foxx solo material, including a few collaborations he did with Louis Gordon and also with Robin Guthrie of the Cocteau Twins. The genuinely solo material is quite 'stripped down' and bare in places, whereas the albums the collaborative ones are much fuller sounding.

Still plenty of albums left on his Metamatic label to track down.


  1. I've been wanting to get into more John Foxx after hearing "Young Savage" and "My Sex" but I've been disappointed by his solo stuff, which sounded somewhere between Japan and Tubeway Army, and though I love Tubeway Army, I was hoping to hear something closer to post-punk. I'll have to go back and explore the early Ultravox stuff now.

  2. Hi Tia, thanks for taking time to read and comment in my blog. I can't recommend those first 3 albums enough :-)