Wednesday, 3 March 2010

How did I miss out on this band ...

It always amazes me just how many bands I completely missed out on during my formative years. Some are more obvious candidates who, although being regarded as 'seminal, 'classic' or whatever other terminology comes to mind, were making music before my time so I have an excuse for missing them. There are however plenty who were making music when I was listening to and reading about anything and everything to do with music, who just passed me by.

Fortunately help has been at hand over the past few years with the various internet radio stations. I've blogged about these guys before but the biggest surprise to me was Tuxedomoon. This band were definitely making records during my formative years but I completely missed out on them. Furthermore, I don't regard them as someone I would have heard at the time and dismissed, only appreciating them later ... I'm just pretty sure I'd never heard their material. Were these guys never played on John Peel? Having only discovered them a couple of years ago I'm making up for lost time and they are now my most played artist on The solo and collaborative material by two of their members, Steven Brown and Blaine L.Reininger is also really good and I probably have more of the solo material than releases by the actual band. If anyone wants a recommendation for a Steven Brown release, then I would start with his excellent Decade compilation and branch out from there.

Other groups which fall into the category of 'how did I miss out on this band' are The Sound, Mission of Burma and This Heat who I have only discovered through lastfm. These bands are always a pleasure to listen to whenevr they appear on lastfm, but as yet I've not felt compelled to get their albums.

Bands I missed out on who were active before I really got into music include The Residents. I have heard 30 or so tracks by these guys and everyone, no matter how quirky, sounds great. I do wonder though how I would fare listening to a whole album, end-to-end. If anyone has any suggestions which are the 'must have' Residents albums, please let me know.

Pere Ubu were a band whose name I'd heard but pretty sure that until recently I'd not heard any of their material. Again like the residents I have heard 30 tracks or so, but do not yet own an album. Looking at the albums which contain the tracks of their I like the most, it's liklely that Modern Dance and Dub Housing will be maing their way into my collection soon ... again more than happy to take recommendations.

What's more is that I'm sure this is just the tip of the iceberg. I'm very sure that there are hundreds of worthy bands out there just waiting for me to discover.

And finally a couple of artists that no matter how much other people rate them, and no matter how many times I listen to them, just don't do anything for me. These include Devo and Captain Beefheart. Captain Beefheart was a firm John Peel favourite which is usually a good recommendation. I've often found that music championed by John Peel that I didn't appreciate at the time improved with its and my age, and that I just didn't have the finely tuned musical taste buds that Peel had, but for me anyway, this is not the case with Captain Beefheart. Maybe there's a Captain Beefheart 'initiation album' that I'm somehow missing out on which will open the doors?

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  1. Never heard of Tuxedomoon so I'll add that to the list.

    No Devo? Boo! Hiss! I admit I could go without hearing "Whip It" ever again but "Gut Feeling" and "Gates of Steel" are awesome.