Thursday, 17 December 2009

Public Image, I Got What I Wanted ... Eventually

I remember that having missed out on buying the Sex Pistols records as they were issued, I was determined to buy the first, and subsequent, records by Public Image Ltd. I rushed out to buy their first single, Public Image, complete with the limited edition newspaper. I then made the bold statement to my friends at school that I would buy everything they ever released. Well, needless to say this didn't happened and I was of course ridiculed. The reason I didn't buy any more was that their next two releases, Death Disco and Memories, were a massive departure from the jumpy punk sound that I was expecting.

So, I kind of wrote them off, perhaps briefly re-awakening for the Flowers of Romance single. So, it's with interest and curiosity that firstly I find them being played on as part of genres and similar to other artists that I like, and secondly that I really like all the tracks I have heard, including those I had an extreme dislike for at the time.

The tracks from their second album, Metal Box, are particularly good and I guess as my musical tastes have broadened over the years, and I'm no longer afraid to declare my love for something which isn't "cool", that I am more susceptible to them now.

I don't have any Public Image Ltd records for sale but I do have a wide range of similar records and CDs for sale.

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